A Single Biopsy

From This Cow 

Can Make Millions of Handbags.

All while she remains grazing happily,
right where we left her.

christin hume cow image

Meet the Mother of our Leather.


Fact: We can make billions of square feet of leather with a single, harmless biopsy from one cow. With the help of a happy, healthy animal, we reproduce the natural conditions that allow those skin cells to regenerate indefinitely.


Harnessing Nature


Cells know just what to do once you give them the right environment. With this knowledge, we've developed a process that allows us to work in harmony with nature, always following her lead.

Lab grown leather swatch

Real Leather.

Low Impact.


Nothing beats the feel of real leather. So instead of creating an "alternative", we work with nature to create real leather that’s simply more humane and more sustainable.


We cultivate authentic materials without compromise, by harnessing science and nature responsibly.

One Cell.

Inf inite Possibilities.

We’re partnering with the most loved brands to create a world of low-impact lab-grown leather products. If you’re interested in collaborating, please reach out.