The world's

oldest material

made new.

Infinite Leather

There’s serendipity in our science. In fact, cells know just what to do once you give them the right environment. So with a single biopsy from a healthy, happy cow, we’ve created a way to help these cells reproduce on their own. It means not only can we grow an infinite amount of leather, but that also our animals go on grazing, right where we left them.

Innovating Nature

Since the dawn of time, we’ve used leather

for survival. We tended nature, and it tended

us. But today, our consumption has grown unsustainable. That’s why we’ve developed

a new way to grow leather. Not through an artificial system, but a living one. A process

that lets us work in harmony with nature, following her lead. Our technology allows us to create real leather all without harming animalsFinally, we can fall in love with leather again.


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