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Long Live


We love animals. We love this planet. And guess what? We also love leather. That left us only one option: invent a way to harmlessly grow the material we love.

We believe technology can bring us back to a time when humans lived in harmony with nature. We're committed to pursuing innovations that can help maintain that balance for eons to come.

Meet some of the team members who are accelerating our ambitions, and reach out to us at



Ingvar Helgason

CEO & Co-Founder

Lance Kizer

Chief Technology Officer

Jennifer Hollingsworth

Director of People Operations

Lee Sierad

Sr. Director of Tissue Engineering & Product Development

Dr. Dusko Ilic

Co-Founder & Advisor

Scott D. Packard

Chief Financial Officer

Donell Johnson Jr.

Associate Director of Pilot Manufacturing

Sharla White

Director of Cell Biology

Alexia Krispin

Chief Operating Officer

Ray Hewlett

Associate Director of Facility Operations

Breanna Seiber

Associate Director of Process Development

We're Hiring!

Our vision is to become the world’s largest tissue-engineering platform—first, by developing real, ethical calf, crocodile, and ostrich leather for use across a range of industries. Then, we’ll work to evolve the technology for regenerative medicine. If you’re interested in building this process with us, apply!


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