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Meet the Mother of
Our Leather.

Fact: Current leather manufacturing is wasteful and environmentally devastating. “Vegan” alternatives are often petroleum-based, highly polluting, and lacking the beloved qualities of real leather.


Now: We can make billions of square feet of leather with a single, harmless biopsy from one cow. With the help of a happy, healthy animal, we reproduce the natural conditions that allow those skin cells to regenerate indefinitely.

With our process, just by donating a few cells, one cow can change the way real leather is made and help us live more in harmony with nature.

Four guiding principles for the future of animal agriculture


"We believe in a world where science and technology are used responsibly to provide a positive impact for business, the planet, and all living things. We reflect on this vision as we make decisions and prioritize long-term, positive impact, over short-term gains." -Ingvar Helgason

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