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The World's Oldest Material Made New 


Leather from animal hides is the most adaptable and longest-living material we've known. By harnessing nature, we can now grow animal hides with the same qualities of those traditional leathers we've come to love, but this time, without the waste and harm to animals. This is our process:



First, we plant a seed, or in our case, a cell. Our cells come from a harmless, one-time biopsy from a living animal. With our help these cells can then self-regenerate, indefinitely, producing all that's needed to make a high-quality animal hide.  

Cell seeding tissue engineered leather


Seeded cells

VitroLabs Illustration Grow-08 2.png


Cells know exactly what to do when provided the right environment. So we do just that. Through our specialized bioreactor, we provide the right signals and nutrients the cells need to grow into an animal hide. Instead of years of growth on an animal, our process takes just a few weeks.


Once the growth phase is complete, our hides can go directly into tanning, with no additional processing. Since our cells grow only what's needed, the tanning process is simplified, meaning a significant reduction in the environmental impact.

Lab grown leather process
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