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Here at VitroLabs, we believe that nurturing a team of unique thinkers is critical to accomplishing our bold mission. Our team is made up of scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, organizational masterminds, former architects and teachers, DDR champions, amateur painters, and everything in between. But collectively, we are advocates for a world in which science is used responsibly to provide a positive impact for business, the planet, and all living things.

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Meet the Man Behind "the Dave and the Goliath"
“There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes when it comes to starting a tissue experiment... I have people who support me and my growth as much as I support them, and that is why I’m here." —Bryan McNeil

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Milpitas, CA, USA

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Vitrolabs is developing processes to create endless, sustainable lab-grown leather. Click below to learn more about our mission.


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